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Health Emporium

I have now set up an online shop with all the products I mention in my blogs, these are all top of the line and I recommend them to all who are once again trying to re-establish excellent health. On my site you will find my shop in the menu. When you drag the […]

How to get teeth as white and clean as snow

One of the questions I get asked a lot, is what is the best product to be brushing your teeth with. Over the years I have experimented with making my own tooth paste, all which came about once I learnt what the additives being added to toothpaste were and the consequences they have on your […]

Why calorie counting doesn’t work

The problems with calorie counting Calorie counting was very handy a few decades ago, but unfortunately it has now had its day. First of all, a calorie is a unit of measure, and with all units that are used to measure it depends what you put in to it. For example, you would all agree […]

Tip of the day, get outside!!

It has long been shown that gradual and consistent exposure to light by being outside, yields similar,  if not greater benefits than a gradual and consistent program of exercise yields. Gentle exposure to the suns natural rays produces possibly greater benefits than partaking in regular exercise. A series of regular but short exposures to natural […]

The elusive vitamin D saga

The recommended vitamin D by health standards in my opinion is set very low. With over 40% of the population now showing insufficient vitamin D levels we have to stop and ask why is this happening? But first, lets delve a little deeper Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but an hormone, so this […]

Little known facts about raw foods

Tree nuts, beans, legumes, seeds and grains contain superb protein and fat intended by nature for the perpetuation of their own species, NOT OURS! Yes, you read correctly, they are very nutrient dense but they all have protective mechanisms in them that can cause us harm. They all contain very high amounts of enzymes that […]

Your New Years resolution

Well, its that time of year again where we have all indulged, and decided to get back on track, often with a vengeance. We feel guilty for all those resolutions we have made in the past, and stuck to for a few weeks into the new year, only to forget about them and see them […]