Blair’s Health Retreats

Blair Harvey, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist and GAPs Practioner


Price options for February/March/April

Booking option (Health Retreats)

These retreats are a little more luxurious, where you stay in personalised accomodation, your accomodation is personally tailored to the amount in your group and your budget. This allows for friends and family to stay with you in your own private accomodation or you may choose the option to join another single or couple to complete minimum numbers.

The Health Retreats are run monthly.

3 days/ 3 nights e.g Thursday 1pm- Sunday 12pm

Example based on 2 or 4 adults

  1. Single room for a couple $2750 or two Single rooms for 2 people ($1395 each)
  2. 2 Couples $3595 (two-four bedrooms), less than $900pp

The more people in your group, the cheaper your price per person will be. I recommend groups of 3-6. Email me at blairharvey@com for a personal quote on your group.


Your 3 day/3 night homestay is a getaway on the Gold Coast that is like no other. The aim of my homestay is to provide you with a healthy recharging holiday that is personally tailored to your current state of health, with the aim of improving  you on a physical, emotional and mental level. What really makes this holiday at my retreat stand out, is the personal tuition. You have on hand your own personal Naturopath to teach you everything you need to know.

Over the last 15yrs managing the kitchen at a health retreat and also presenting as the Naturopath, I found that people learn best by practical application and personal tuition. Yes, you can read about health but there is truly no substitute to being taught on that one to one level.

Having someone who can run you through all the routines from which products to use on your skin, how to exfoliate, what to eat for optimal nutrition, how to prepare your room for better sleep, sun therapy, hydration, gut flora rehacking, the role of saunas and cold plunges, seasonal eating, weight loss and lean muscle gain.

My all inclusive package consists  of :


Tantalising fresh wholesome organic meals

An in house massage/ beauty treatment or facial (of equivalent value)

A 2hr Day Spa circuit outing

Blair's Pick at a distinct cafe (a lunch outing)

A personal Qi Gong class on the beach or a personal outside exercise class (Tailored to your individual level of fitness, strength and flexibility.)

All guests receive a fermenting workshop, where you will learn the tools to improve your gut health, this includes how to make ginger beer, yogurt, kombucha and sauerkraut.

All guests will receive presentations on subjects such as detoxing, fermenting, diet fads and what is the perfect diet, sleep and longevity or the role of exercise and movement.

We will also be visiting various markets and health food stores where you will learn how to shop correctly for optimal nutrition and to avoid the many pitfalls of additives, chemicals, fillers and food refining.

Please view my compendium below to learn more.

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