Naturopathic Consultations

CONSULTATION PACKAGES- as a general practitioner or a Gaps specialist

If you would like to book in for a general consultation, I'm offering an initial 1.5hr consultation for $120 for your first visit and 1hr for $80 for repeat clients.

Online skype sessions around the world are $99 for 1hr and charged in Australian dollars.

For GAPS clients

Many people embarking on the road to health may feel overwhelmed with how to get started, or wondering how long they will last, before they are going to slip back into bad habits.

Most often people discover the GAPS Protocol or visit a Naturopath after already exhausting their resources with different diets or commercial mainstream approaches to relieve and manage their condition.

If you are ready to make a life changing decision for your health (or your child’s health) and are prepared to apply a full commitment to the GAPS Program, then I am more than happy to assist you with your journey.

I will be there with you through all stages of the program, and to provide the support that is often missing, when implementing such new important changes.


Initial Consultation: ‘Nutrition Analysis & Preliminary Preparation Plan'

2 Hours plus individualised report $240 (3hrs)


The initial consultation confirms a better history of your symptoms and explores how they are specifically related to Gut and Psychology Syndrome or Gut and Physiology Syndrome to design appropriate steps for diet intervention.

As I am a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and a Gaps practitioner, I offer all four modalities when completing the full comprehensive orientation.

You will gain a better understanding of the GAPS three part protocol, where to access GAPS food and resources, how to prepare and plan GAPS staple food prior to starting the program and what you will expect to experience during the program.

Home planning tasks will be advised at this consultation so that appropriate food preparation and supplies are in good order before the second consultation takes place to discuss implementation.

Package materials include a Nutrition Analysis (to be completed by the client & assessed by the practitioner) a Nutrition Preliminary Preparation Plan and a GAPS folder containing all your GAPS orientation resources.

You will also be offered a complimentary subscription to my new online website.

This will allow you to print out and implement over 120 healthy recipes developed, while I was running a kitchen at a health retreat over the last 15yrs.

On my site you will also gain access to my ebooks on sleep, movement and gut health, these books provide an invaluable resource at your fingertips.

My online site also hosts an online shop with discounted top quality products and my weekly blogs containing everything you need to know to keep up with current research or often ahead of it..

Appointment time allocated: 2 Hours (3 hours value with assessment) for $240 (Receive a 10% discount when paying for the consultation package in advance, being both consultations 1 and 2 )

Second Consult: ‘Nutrition Intervention Plan’ - 1 Hour plus individualised report $160 (2hrs)

The Second Consultation takes place four-six weeks after the first consultation and is charged at the end of the first consultation.

This is the stage where I ensure that you have successfully prepared the foods and resources required to start the diet and discuss your individual intervention strategies and modifications required to implement the diet according to your needs. You will effectively learn how to travel through each stage of the diet, h

ow to manage your symptoms and when to move from one stage to the next. I will also be recommending appropriate supplements if required and explain how you best reduce your toxic load.   Materials include a Nutrition Intervention Plan to help you navigate your GAPS Journey.

Appointment time allocated: 1 Hour (2 hours value with report writing)

Second Consultation Fee $160 (receive 10% discount when paying for the consultation package in advance)

Your third appointment will follow two weeks later and is optional.

Third Consultation: 'Follow up and Progress' - 1 Hour $80

Follow Up Consultations generally take place for to six weeks after the second consultation, and is also charged at the end of the second consultation, however this consultation is optional.

Follow up Consultation Fee for 1 hour: (all appointment times are booked in advance)

I also offer online consultations and understand that it is sometimes difficult to find a practitioner you trust within your own town.

I can now meet this demand.

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