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Stress, the disease of the 21st century

Today, more than ever we are bombarded with stress from a multitude of angles, whether it being dropping the kids off to school and your running late, too many red lights driving to work or meeting company targets,there would not be a day that I would see at least a few people struggling. One of […]

Yogurt, the most important superfood!

There is no better place to start a blog on yogurt than with the Russian scientist Ilja Metchinoff, he was the man responsible for revolutionising medical thinking on longevity, with his famous theory on the prolongation of life by preventing internal colonic putrefaction and self poisoning. What he was referring to, was that all disease […]

Honey, the superfood of Centenarians

Honey has long been prized as one of the foods empowering us with the ability to live to 100. Does it stand up to its claims? Initially the famed Russian scientist, biologist and botanist Dr. Nicolai Tsitsin discovered pollen rich honey to be a life extender purely by accident. His aim was simply to send […]

Shut your mouth!

Did you know probably one of the best secrets to health, is to simply shut your mouth? The mouth has been designed over millions of years for talking, eating, drinking and as a way for us to grab that little extra oxygen while doing more intensive exercise, but it is the nose that was truly […]

Health Emporium

I have now set up an online shop with all the products I mention in my blogs, these are all top of the line and I recommend them to all who are once again trying to re-establish excellent health. On my site you will find my shop in the menu. When you drag the […]