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One for the ladies

The first thing I say about skin is “Do not put anything on it, that you wouldn’t be prepared to eat or drink” Our skin is highly absorbent and anything we apply to it will quite quickly make its way into the bloodstream. In fact, absorption of chemicals through the skin is exponentially increased if […]

Are your yoga tights slowly killing you?

Do you remember the days, when gyms had either a sauna or steam room that all guests could use after a workout to relax.These saunas served to boost circulation and help remove lactic acid and its by-products induced from exercise. With the opening of 24hrs gyms, we have slowly seem them disappear, to the point […]

Farmer’s strength, and how to get it!

School days When I was younger I went to a private school in Christchurch where a few of my fellow students came from farms. A lot of them had what is now called “Farmers strength” This type of strength is achieved by performing general laborious chores on the farm, consistency and sporadicly over the space […]

What are the best drinking flasks/water bottles?

For those of you who don’t know me, I have developed a slight fetish over the last 10yrs of purchasing different drinking bottles and flasks. I have had possibly 20-30 odd different bottles, over this time I have developed favourites and have also had a few disasters, there are some things I would like to tell […]

Do our eyes possess the secrets to regaining our health?

I have always wondered whether wearing sunglasses long term was good for you. Wearing sunglasses, and the injustice to health It didn’t seem to make sense that looking through a tinted plastic lens, could replicate millions of years of evolution by nature to perfect our eye.  Hearing  many years ago that the body absorbed certain […]

Your gut flora doesn’t like flying

This post is dedicated to a few ladies that have contacted me regarding their concern of flying overseas, and the impact that it has on their health. Life on earth is strongly regulated by natural light cycles over our 24hr day. These light cycles as we know it make up day and night. Our own […]

We must rewild ourselves

There are a few basic natural elements that we must expose ourselves to daily, in order to remain healthy and free from disease. These elements are fresh energised clean water, fresh moving clean air and of course natural light. We live in a time where we have removed ourselves from these elements, and become for […]