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Nature has its own Viagra

A guest a few years ago asked if there was anything he could take to increase his circulation? After a little time spent beating around the bush we got to the heart of the question. He had a growing(or should I say declining) concern, that now being in his early fifties, he was finding his […]

How toxic is your shower?

Chlorine is a toxic disinfectant Most people are very concerned about chlorine in their drinking water, and as testing has shown there is very good reason to be. Chlorine in water has been shown to combine with organic matter, forming compounds called trihalomethanes(THM’s). Many of these byproducts have been shown to be carcinogenic. Studies have […]

Are smoothies making you fat?

Blending destroys from 85-92% of enzymes When you drop an apple on the ground it bruises, yet for some reason we believe when you place that same apple in a blender and turn it on, so that metal blade spins at 37,000 times per minute, it does no damage? Brian Clements, a biochemist from Hippocrates […]

The Diet that rules above all others

What is the perfect diet? I often get asked, “What is the perfect diet?” Well, at one stage I would have said eat everything organic, at another time eat 100% raw, and later for many years eat vegetarian, even vegan. Now I say, maybe just read this article. The problem is there is something wrong […]

Circulation- how to literally set it on fire

My old teacher use to say thats its not what you eat, its what you absorb!. He instructed us that clear circulatory pathways, (or CCP for short) was so important, that if we wrote it anywhere on an exam paper he would give us a few marks. He told us that he took 1/2 tsp […]

The No.2’s train, is yours on time?

This is a blog which everybody should be talking about, but no body wants to talk about. How often should you go? Roughly speaking, you should have 3-4 bowel movements a day. Lets say you ate breakfast at 7am so the train leaves the station at 7am, (toot toot), traveling at an average speed of […]

Why the low fat option is not the best

The good old days Back when I was a personal trainer I use to always choose low fat. In fact, I would choose low fat everything, low fat milk, low fat muesli. I would cut all fat off my meat and stay away from nuts and seeds, because they were over 50% fat. I knew […]

Teeth, the true indicator of health

If I was to ask someone, “What are your teeth for?”, the most common response would be “to chew and masticate food!”. This is correct. We have teeth for a purpose, to chew and masticate. Breaking up food throughly means our stomach and digestive system has less work to do. However, teeth play a critical […]