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Milk, more hydrating than water

Whether you are at the gym, beach or just feeling thirsty, water has always been the number one choice. How much are we supposed to drink? Most people fail to drink their 1 litre for every 33kgs they weigh, and don’t account for extra demands of exercising or hot weather. Trying to meet your water […]


Choosing the right food and preparing and cooking healthy meals is extremely important to your overall health. Just as important is the way that the body digests the food. Optimal health is not reached without optimal digestion. Drinking too much water during meals can interfere with the natural and necessary levels of bile and stomach […]

Fats and Cooking

Fats and cooking. There is a lot of different information out there about what the best fats and oils are for cooking with. Some fats are bad for us, but not the ones that mainstream media may have us believe. To understand fats, you need to know something about the chemistry of fats. Fats ( […]

Sea salt-potent mineral supplement

Salt!! It makes your food taste better but it is bad for you, right? It seems that the good vs bad salt debate depends on which particular salt is you are using. The main problem is with refined table salt, which is the product of both a chemical and high temperature industrial process. Table salt […]

You should masticate three times per day

We all need to masticate more. Mastication is the chewing process; it is the first and most important step in our digestive course. Mastication is extremely essential, and most of us in this nonstop busy world chew and swallow with excessive speed, usually whilst rushing from one place to another, giving very little of our […]

Enzymes- our digestive allies

ENZYMES How hot is to hot? Many of us are blissfully unaware the extremely important role enzymes play in our digestive lives, and how our deep fry/high heat culture are extinguishing natures specialised little tools. Enzymes are an indispensable element in our bodies process of digesting food and absorbing nutrients, they exist naturally in raw […]

The Benefits of Eating Seasonally

The Benefits of Eating Seasonally So what are the benefits of eating seasonally? In short foods that are in season are fresher, more nutritious, tastier, better for the environment and cheaper. There is a lot of talk these days about all areas of our food which is great! We are now asking questions and thinking […]

What is M.S.G?

What is M.S.G? M.S.G is Monosodium glutamate. It has no taste of it’s own but when added to other foods it brings out the natural taste. The food additive number for M.S.G is 621.It damages the hypothalamic regulation of appetite to the brain and is an addictive additive that encourages us to continue eating. It is […]