The Benefits of Eating Seasonally

The Benefits of Eating Seasonally

So what are the benefits of eating seasonally? In short foods that are in season are fresher, more

nutritious, tastier, better for the environment and cheaper.

There is a lot of talk these days about all areas of our food which is great! We are now asking

questions and thinking about the bigger picture. Where does my food come from? How was it

grown? Has it been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides ? How many miles has it travelled to

arrive on my plate? Is it organic?

The best way to get in touch with what is in season and to answer these questions is to buy locally.

When you do you'll have a better chance at getting foods that are in season and fresh, and it helps to

support local farmers and businesses in your community. It also insures that you receive the

tastiest and most nutritious food for your money.

Great places to purchase your fresh produce (if you are unable to grow your own) are nearby

farmer's markets, organic health food shops or a fresh food delivery service that often buys directly

from the farmer and are also likely to offer organic or sustainable options.

When buying locally and seasonally you can also find some amazing varieties of fruit and

vegetables that are not available in main stream supermarkets. This will add to the variety, colour

and nutrient base through out the year.

When our food is grown at the perfect time of year it is full of its natural nutrients. Studies have

shown that fruit and vegetables can have up to three times more nutrients when grown in season.

When we buy locally it is better for the environment as our food doesn't have to travel as far to

reach its destination, reducing the amount of fuel needed to transport them. What's more is that

those out-of-season ingredients often undergo chemical washes, wax coatings and cold storage in

order to prolong their shelf life. As soon as our food has been harvested it starts to break down and

lose its nutritional value so locally grown, in season produce that is the best option.

Enjoy being part of your local community and sharing the joy of beautiful, fresh, healthy seasonal



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