Enzymes- our digestive allies


How hot is to hot?

Many of us are blissfully unaware the extremely important role enzymes play in our digestive lives, and how our deep fry/high heat culture are extinguishing natures specialised little tools.

Enzymes are an indispensable element in our bodies process of digesting food and absorbing nutrients, they exist naturally in raw foods and assist the body with the breaking down of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. However as we begin to cook our foods we start the process of denaturing enzymes.

Heating foods at a wet heat temperature of above 118 degrees Fahrenheit or at a dry heat temperature of about 150 degrees destroys our foods enzymes hindering our bodies ability to absorb nutrients.

The argument is strong in favour of including a high percentage of raw food in the diet as too many  cooked foods can put a severe strain on our digestive organs,and there's no denying devastate our food enzyme.

It is also important to acknowledge that through cooking some nutrients are made more available and that cooking neutralisers naturally occurring toxins in plant foods,so simply using a different method to cook such as blanching or reducing your heat and slowing your cooking process down can significantly reduce the break down of enzymes and nutrients.

They key to remember is a balanced diet is best,so preferably a diet largely incorporating a mixture of raw, and adding raw fermented foods and beverages where you consume cooked foods is supreme.

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