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Join my exclusive recipe and ebook club. Membership gains you full access to my 3D Flipbooks on sleep, movement and gut health. An absolute goldmine of information to help you regain your health and vitality, based on my 15 years experience at Eden Health Retreat helping over 22,000 guests. You will also have the privilege to over 120 of my favourite recipes,  loved by thousands during my reign as head chef. I've designed my membership as a summary of my life work, which is based on my health talks, cooking demonstrations, longevity seminars, fermenting workshops and experience as a Naturopath helping to treat both acute and chronic disease.

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A page out of my ebook on Movement-the need to knows

Naturopath Consultations

Many people embarking on the road to health may feel overwhelmed with how to get started, or wondering how long they will last, before they are going to slip back into bad habits.  Most often people discover the GAPS Protocol or visit a Naturopath after already exhausting their resources with different diets or commercial mainstream approaches to relieve and manage their condition.

As a GAPS practitioner I specialise in Gut health, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, appetite regulation, exercise prescription, sleep imbalances, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, stomach acid disorders and bowel regulation.

Poor gut health may show up in many ways:-
-Poor immunity (Constant colds/flue/feeling of being run down)
-Constipation (less than three bowel movements a day results in internal stagnation, where disease begins))
-Excess gas
-Stomach pains
-Lethargy and fatigue
-Low mood, anxiety, depression, etc
-Poor concentration
-Skin disorders such as acne

Gut Health has become my passion and a bit of an obsession leading me to set up my own practice.

I was always described as the foodie as I was studying and  prefer to obtain nutrients through food over supplementation. There is a lot of confusion about supplements and I am available to screen what you take and give advice as sometimes it is just money down the drain. I do menu plans educating clients that a diet will fail long term, this is a lifestyle.

I run a practice from my home retreat, and are also available for online consultations for those that find they are short of time or live outside the Gold Coast of Australia.

Please follow the link for pricing, or alternatively give me a call on ph 0415041937 for a chat. (15mins free)

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