Wild Sauerkraut

Serves – 60-100 Prep Time – 30 min Serve with – All cooked meals and especially meats Nutrition info This sauerkraut has billions of probiotics and hundreds, if not thousands of individual strains of each species. A typical wild sauerkraut has on average 600 different species, a commercial brand possibly 3. There is no comparison […]

Probiotic yogurt

Serves – 8 Prep Time – 30 min Serve with – Fresh fruit , nuts and seeds Nutrition info This is 99% lactose free yogurt and absolutely teeming with probiotics. Ingredients 1 Litre of Jersey or Guernsey milk (ideally organic and grassfed) 1 small tub of yogurt containg acidiphilous and bifidus Method Add 1 litre […]