Wild Sauerkraut

Serves – 60-100 Prep Time – 30 min Serve with – All cooked meals and especially meats Nutrition info This sauerkraut has billions of probiotics and hundreds, if not thousands of individual strains of each species. A typical wild sauerkraut has on average 600 different species, a commercial brand possibly 3. There is no comparison […]

Probiotic yogurt

Serves – 8 Prep Time – 30 min Serve with – Fresh fruit , nuts and seeds Nutrition info This is 99% lactose free yogurt and absolutely teeming with probiotics. Ingredients 1 Litre of Jersey or Guernsey milk (ideally organic and grassfed) 1 small tub of yogurt containg acidiphilous and bifidus Method Add 1 litre […]

French Vanilla Ice-cream

Serves – 8 Prep Time – 30 min Serve with – Fresh fruit , nuts and seeds Nutrition info This is a delicious dessert absolutely loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K. These fat soluble activators are the perfect accompaniment to breakfast pancakes or after any meal to increase absorption of both protein and […]

Hydrotherapy lessons at my Wellness Retreat’s

At my Wellness Retreats I teach a hydrotherapy lesson on the benefits of cold water, steam, dry heat sweating, a spring water magnesium spa pool, dry skin brushing and using natural oils as cleansers and moisturisers. There is no amount of scrubbing with soap or exfoliating that will clean the body internally as much as […]

Why food based probiotics are better than those commercially produced

A video explaining why wild fermented foods contain both more probiotic strains and species compared to their counterparts, the commercial varieties. Learn which probiotics you should be taking to improve your health and vitality. Please click on the link below to view the entire video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG1U6rfnaEA&t=12s