Bad genetics? change the cards you’ve been dealt.

The letter below was sent it to an English newspaper, addressed to the editor and published under the title

Heredity and Wise Living

"Sir, I am the seventh son.

My six brothers died before reaching eight years of age; my father died at 38; my mother at 50; my father's brothers died at 17, 18 and 22 respectively; my grandmother at 57.

I am over 86 and always in excellent health. At 68 I learnt to ride a bicycle.

On my 70th birthday I cycled and walked over 50 miles.

Every morning and evening I exercise; sometimes skip. I have the windows open day and night and I believe in deep and full breathing through the nose.

I drink water daily and eat an apple every morning. I masticate slowly."

G. F.

Looking at Mr G.F you would assume that he has terrible genetics, many people did, they had given up on him, and told him that he must accept his premature demise, but to make the most of it in the meantime. To live the good life!

Mr G.F is a man who decided to fight his fate.

Reflecting on his family and relatives he decided he was going to try to make a change. He was not going down the same path of a premature death.

Through the discovery of fresh air, daily exercise, deep breathing and thorough mastication he changed his bad hand he had been dealt at birth, he was going to be the game changer!

Our genes can be influenced.

Epigenetic's is now proving that 90%, possibly up to 93% of our genes can be influenced through a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is a breakthrough and gives us hope than what we are born with can indeed be changed.

To makes things a little more complicated it has also been shown that our gut flora have their own genes, and that their genes can also influence the genetic expression of our genes.

This miracle can be performed by anybody and requires only 4 pre-requsites

  1. First and foremost, the will to be healthy. You have to want it, not just 50%, but 100%. There will be times you are tested, but you must stand strong!
  2. Dedication to follow through will this plan, simply wanting it is not enough. It takes will power to choose a piece of fruit over a tim tam.
  3. A belief in the regenerative forces of nature, you have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Your body can heal itself if you give it all the right tools.
  4. Common sense, the ability to listen to your bodies queues. Are you tired? hungry?, thirsty? do you crave certain foods?, (the healthy ones that is). We all know the feeling at Christmas when we have over indulged on to many chocolates, takeaways, potato chips. Then the body sais enough, all you want is a big fresh bowl of juicy fruit or maybe a delicious fresh raw salad. You would give anything just to get some real food.

The body is a miraculous self healing machine. Think of when you cut yourself and your  bodies tiny surgeons work around the clock to mend and repair, meticulously going about their job until the wound is sealed and their job is done.

Only then will they rest, those tireless workers.

Your tireless workers have their own demands

  1. Proper nutrition, a well balanced diet that provides all the nutrition your body needs to function on a daily basis.
  2. The correct amount of sleep, in order for them to do their job you must rest. The body heals better when you are asleep. Insufficient sleep results in slow wound healing.
  3. Exercise, it is no good eating a healthy diet if the nutrients can't get to where they need to go. Good cardiovascular exercise that makes you sweat for at least 10-15 minutes per day helps these nutrients get through your hundreds of thousands of kilometres of blood vessels.

I have several blogs aimed at helping you on your path, toward peak health.

Have a read through these and change the cards you have been dealt.

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