Your New Years resolution

Well, its that time of year again where we have all indulged, and decided to get back on track, often with a vengeance.

We feel guilty for all those resolutions we have made in the past, and stuck to for a few weeks into the new year, only to forget about them and see them fade into distant memories.

Often those resolutions revolve around getting fit, losing weight or possibly gaining some lean muscle mass.

Perhaps some of your resolutions include finally kicking some of those vices, such as your 3 coffees a day or your daily chocolate bar.

While these resolutions are still good, I can guarantee that no-one set a resolution to get more light, and thats a shame because it could be the most important resolution you make.

Let me explain

It has long been shown that gradual and consistent exposure to light yields similar if not greater benefits than a gradual and consistent program of exercise yields.

Let me repeat that so it really sinks in, exposure to the suns natural rays produces possibly greater benefits than partaking in regular exercise.

A series of regular but short exposures to natural light has been shown to decrease the resting heart rate, drop blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, decrease blood lactic acid levels, increases endurance, strength and energy.

It can also increase the bodies ability to carry and utilise oxygen and increase your tolerance to stress.

Optimally aim for at least a 30 to 60 minute walk, in the early morning, the closer to sunrise the better. Then if possible another 30 minutes in the late afternoon. The human body is designed to get brief periods of movement throughout the day, rather than one large session. There are also different rays and colours emitted during different times of the day. Early moning colours stimulate while evening hues relax. Going for a walk outside enables you to gain the benefits of these rays at the same time.

If you can, grab any opportunity to walk on a beach, in a forest or even at a park, rather than on a treadmill.

Regular exposure to light stimulates your immune system, and can increase enzyme activity in the body by up to 400%

That precious and expense organic food can be better utilised simply by taking advantage of an walk outside.

Now I must stress, for all the benefits of light you cannot wear sunglasses, the eyes themselves must be exposed to this light.

Living in Queensland I recommend exposing your skin to the early morning rays before 8.30am and the late afternoon rays after 3.30pm. The sun is so intense in our summer that the burn time can be as low as 12 minutes during these times.

Download the app on your phone called dminder, it allows you to put in your own skin tone, and can advise you on burn times to play it safe.

Now, the real interesting part

The aim is to spike your cortisol levels before 9.30am, and the light is the most powerful tool on the planet to do this. An early morning walk is probably the best thing you can do for your health, your gut flora and the less obvious, your hormones.

The art of early morning working can the following evening increase the amount of time your body is in deep sleep, and boost melatonin production.

This is essential for anyone with serious health concerns, did I mention melatonin's role is in anti-aging.

Its social, try to get the whole family involved, its easy, and possibly more beneficial that any other activity you do.

A morning walk will double spike your cortisol because not only does cortisol rise when you expose yourself to the light, the simple act of moving serves as a second spike.

It is superior to that gym session indoors for this reason, the Romans and Greeks would always exercise outside because they knew of these miraculous benefits, they knew they could increase muscle mass faster while at the same time turning the body into a fat burning machine.

Think Venice beach, if you can take your exercise outside, please do, in fact any activity that can be taken outside, take outside.

Only now is the role of the gut flora in regulating your immune system gaining its due attention, but guess what?
Your flora has a circadian rhythm that needs resetting every day by light, every organ in your body is based on this natural clock.

Make a morning walk a must this year, make in non-negotiable. Program your walk into your day just like your business meeting. Don't let anything stop you, and next year when its time to make a resolution you can be sure you've already got your health covered.

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