Health Emporium

I have now set up an online shop with all the products I mention in my blogs, these are all top of the line and I recommend them to all who are once again trying to re-establish excellent health.

On my site you will find my shop in the menu. When you drag the cursor onto the word shop a dropdown menu will appear, all you need to do is select which items you are interested in and you will be redirected.

A lot of these products are unique and you will not find them in the average shop, as they are often produced by small companies with the intention of creating a superior product, that stands alone.

There is a bit of a mix, and within the shop you will find shower filters, fish oils, drinking flasks and probiotics to name a few.

This list will be continually growing as I source new exciting products.


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My name is Blair Harvey and I have had the pleasure of working at one of Australia's best Health Retreat's for the past fourteen wonderful years. Over those years I have had the delight of working with a spectacular kitchen team, we all have an immense passion for cooking good healthy food that is unique and tantalizing to your taste buds. Together we have not only developed our skills in cooking wholesome, nourishing and out right delicious foods, but we have been committed to broadening our knowledge of healing with whole foods and exploring the beauty of healthy living. Because of our enthusiasm in the benefits of foods and there healing properties I developed a blog to help us SHARE what we have learnt with the rest of the world.

You will find tasty gems of wisdom on health, food and healing, helping to expand your mind and revitalize your knowledge of healthy eating.