Tip of the day, get outside!!

It has long been shown that gradual and consistent exposure to light by being outside, yields similar,  if not greater benefits than a gradual and consistent program of exercise yields.

Gentle exposure to the suns natural rays produces possibly greater benefits than partaking in regular exercise.

A series of regular but short exposures to natural light has been shown to:

1) decrease the resting heart rate

2) drop blood pressure

3) lower blood sugar levels

4) decrease blood lactic acid levels

5) increases endurance, strength and energy.


It can also increase the bodies ability to carry and utilise oxygen and increase your tolerance to stress.

Regular exposure to light stimulates your immune system, and can increase enzyme activity in the body by up to 400%

Now I must stress, for all the benefits of light you cannot wear sunglasses, the eyes themselves must be exposed to this light.

Living in Queensland I recommend exposing your skin to the early morning rays, ideally between 5-8.30am and the late afternoon rays 4-6pm. The sun is so intense in our summer that the burn time can be as low as 12 minutes during these times and thats for someone with olive complexion.

Download the app on your phone called dminder, it allows you to load your own skin tone, and can advise you on burn times to play it safe.

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