Fermenting workshop

I am holding a fermenting workshop on Saturday the 7th of November at Garden of Eden Organic and Wholefoods Cafe in Tweed.

This starts at 9am (NSW time) sharp and will finish at approximately 11am.

This will be a small closed group catering for 12-15 people, so spots will fill fast. As a GAPS practitioner specialising in reinoculating gut health, this will be a very comprehensive course aimed to those who have allergies, intolerances, bloating, IBS, auto-immune diseases, weight issues or genetic predispositions.

I will be teaching you how to make yogurt, whey, ginger beer and wild fermented sauerkraut, but with a difference.

I will be using cultures to ferment these products that I have obtained off my own plants, yes wildly harvested.

There will be a powerpoint presentation from my ebook on Gut Flora and I will also be discussing different breakfast ideas using these fermented foods to gain optimal nutrition.

This means unlike probiotics that contain a few isolated strains of a few species, or as I like to say domesticated strains and species, these contain hundreds.

The average Westerner has about 300-1000  different species of micro biome in their gut, and it has been shown that certain indigenous cultures contain anywhere up to 1500-1600.

As Science has now proven that 99% of your genetics belong to your gut micro biome, and that only 1% are actually yours, ensuring you have a correct balance is vital.

Tickets are $69 per person (or special instore earlybird discount price of $50 for cash if paying by the 31/10/20) and all attendees will receive a sample of my yogurt and ginger beer,  a complimentary ebook on gut health, as well as full knowledge of how to make their own probiotics at home.

Home made probiotics that surpass any probiotic pill you could ever buy.

To give you and idea, 1 cup per day equal 353 probiotic pills. 2 cups equal 1.412 trillion bacteria.

All enquiries to blairharvey@hotmail.com or contact me on instagram

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