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Welcome to Blair Harvey - Naturopath, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS), Nutritionist and Herbalist. I have 15 years of experience, leading the way in health and nutrition at one of the worlds most prestigious health retreats, based right here in Australia.

During my career as a Naturopath, I have had the opportunity to work with over 22,000 people, with a wide variety of ailments. It has became blindingly obvious to me, that hand in hand with sickness (both physical and psychological), is poor gut health in vital need of healing.

Poor gut health may show up in many ways:-
-Poor immunity (Constant colds/flue/feeling of being run down)
-Constipation (less than three bowel movements a day results in internal stagnation, where disease begins))
-Excess gas
-Stomach pains
-Lethargy and fatigue
-Low mood, anxiety, depression, etc
-Poor concentration
-Skin disorders such as acne

Gut Health has become my passion and a bit of an obsession leading me to set up my own practice, where I specialise in this important area.

I work predominantly with clients who wish to rebuild and heal this amazingly complex system, responsible for our well-being and overall health.

I am very passionate about helping people become the very best they can, the information on this site is a collaboration of over 20years in the health and fitness industry. There is so much misinformation out there and without the help of a professional to help guide you, it is easy to become lost and confused.

A slight difference with my site, is that the information goes beyond what can be picked up off the internet, and is often just verbatam repeated. My background funny enough is in sales and banking so I have a bit of an analytical mind, as you may see reading my blogs.

I find that my past occupations of being a number cruncher combined with those orientated around health has been a good mix, it has given me an analytical mind to quickly cut through the rubbish and save a lot of your time. Please read my blogs, I have excluded these on purpose from my membership, so that everyone can learn some information that is new, different and above all easy to implement, as Alice once said "time to go down the rabbit hole"

Subscribe to my members area of my website at Blairharvey.org to browse a huge collection of over 100 recipes tried and loved, compiled over my 14yrs managing a leading health retreat's kitchen. These recipes are easy to make, nutrient dense, and above all health rebuilding, all with beautiful natural ingredients.

I have also put together three ebooks, these are comprehensive tools that  provide an invaluable resource to anyone needing thorough information and simple ideas to help guide them in their pursuit of optimum health.

These are life changing and if you enjoy my blogs, you will absolutely love my books.

For 1-1 consultations, either send me a direct message on Facebook messenger or contact me directly on telephone +(61) 415 041 937. I look forward to beginning this journey with you towards optimal health and wellbeing!

I have only just recently started 3 day home stays, you find find a through description under services in the menu.
The homestay is aimed for those who truly are serious about making that life change.

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My name is Blair Harvey and I have had the pleasure of working at one of Australia's best Health Retreat's for the past fourteen wonderful years. Over those years I have had the delight of working with a spectacular kitchen team, we all have an immense passion for cooking good healthy food that is unique and tantalizing to your taste buds. Together we have not only developed our skills in cooking wholesome, nourishing and out right delicious foods, but we have been committed to broadening our knowledge of healing with whole foods and exploring the beauty of healthy living. Because of our enthusiasm in the benefits of foods and there healing properties I developed a blog to help us SHARE what we have learnt with the rest of the world.

You will find tasty gems of wisdom on health, food and healing, helping to expand your mind and revitalize your knowledge of healthy eating.