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Recipe and Ebook Club

Join my exclusive recipe and ebook club. Membership gains you full access to my 3D Flipbooks on sleep, movement, gut health and my newest edition The secrets of living longer. Over 80 pages of information to help you regain your health and vitality, based on my 15yrs experience at Eden health retreat helping over 22,000 guests. You will also have the privilege to over 120 of my favourite recipes, all served and loved by thousands during my reign as head chef.

Here you will find secret of the trade recipes, which at last have been made public.

There are gluten and dairy free recipes, all recipes have been based on whole foods, local and seasonal with an emphasis on nutrition, you will not find ingredients that are fragmented, deviated and processed like standard cookbooks.

All the hard work has been done by the team creating and trialing the recipes, guests have approved and clapped, returning for the world famous cuisine. Now you too can create meals, fresh out of the chef's mouth!!

Join now by paypal or credit card for only $5.95 per month

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Join now by paypal or credit card for a one off payment of only $49.95 for 12mths (save $21.45 )

Example recipe for my Protein Granola

My Online Ebooks

I have always been asked, have you thought about putting out a book or have you written a book.

My answer had always been no, BUT I am thinking on it!

I knew that publishing a book was hard work, and that often information changes after it has gone to print. I wanted to create something that could evolve with time, with me. I wanted to create a health manual that people could keep forever, always referring back to,  as they needed or to share with others.

I have created a series of ebooks based on what I would call the need to knows, each ebook is on a vital subject that is an absolute game changer, both for improving your health and reversing disease. My goal is to write eight, to which I have already completed three. (Hence, my special price on a subscription of $24.95  for a year). I understand to those outside of my practice or the health retreat I need to gain your following, so I have created 30-40 free health articles for you, to have some fun reading and learn at the same time. These articles are interesting but only a few pages long, my books are my passion and they will not disappoint.

You will find new information, as well as a little old, they work perfectly as a manual that compliments my 2 & 3 day stay, to which I strongly recommend at some point in your life you attend.


A few samples of my online e-books

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